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New stuffs again

New stuffs. Coming soon to my life. Again making all people suspense.Ii can’t tell you for sure yet. But for sure, this thing is very new to me and very exciting, at least for my standards. It involves life or death – but who’s, that’s for me to know and for you to find out.

It’s so new and exciting that i almost can’t keep it to myself. But i have to keep it for now. That’s very hard to do – keeping secrets! Waiting for that time to come and i’ll let everything out. Waiting.

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Money money come my way

I think i’ll start doing my research into making money thru Internet again, to feed my need on constant buying of wedding decorations :) Erm – not that i need them since i am already married, but looking out for my other relatives – it’s the constant lookout for antique cameras can really drain my financial resources as well.

I’m looking at ways although i haven’t really sit down and understand how it’s going to be fully activated yet. Means, i don’t know the exact way it’s going to make money for me just yet. Will write some kind of review when i got the time to play with it fully.

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Keywords. Important as finding that next big thing to do. As much i hate to admit, some people are still paying heaps of money for keywords, like Mesothelioma that still fetch quite a lot in Google’s book. Of course, you don’t go around just writing a blog or start a new website just with that targetted keyword and expect to cash in. You need that traffic to come in and for that to happen, you need to know what people are searching for and start doing something to bring in that traffic.

So it falls back to keywords all over again. Hate to admit – i’m still not good with getting that keywords that’ll sell and will bring me the traffic i need. Maybe i research more. Time to hit the books again.

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Money to finance my business?

I’m bitten by vintage SLR film cameras bug. Well, at least, i have soft spot on the chrome color of the old SLR cameras. Somehow the old classic look appeals to me, and i find them sexier compared to my current digital SLR. I mean, size-wise, i could easily put the film SLR into my pocket while i’m on Orlando vacation and nobody would know i’m lugging a SLR camera, but i can’t do the same with my current bulky digital SLR.

Well – the entrepreneur side of me got down thinking – there’s definitely more of my kinds in Malaysia and it’s not easy to find those old, classic, in-good-condition cameras in Malaysia. I’ve got mine over eBay and i took the risk to ship it over here – not mentioning the agony of having to wait 10-14 days before the camera got shipped over from the US. So i have this thought of getting more cameras in – at least those popular classic models – repair/clean them, and sell them for a profit. At the same time, i get to play with the cameras, before letting others be happy with the “new” toy as well. You know, boys will always be boys.

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Transition starting soon

From the last post till now, i’ve landed myself in a new role. Completely different department, completely different role, completely different job scope. No, not involving using ls2208 scanners and scan bar codes, but doing pre-sales. Something that i have not done before in my working life! All the while, i’m at the end of the food chain i.e after sales have done their thing and we have to clean up any “mess” that they left behind.

This time, i’m the one in-charge of starting the mess! Whether or not it’s going to be messy, it’ll have to depend on how i do my job. Although i haven’t know for sure what’s my actual new role, but i’ll learn and pick up as fast as i can. And also while i look forward to the new role, i’ve got to make sure that whoever sitting at my place would be right at home. I’ll do as clean the transition as i can. Well, as soon as i know who’s that going to be sitting at my place. Heh.

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I’m on the lookout again for new job. Or at least, a new role in my current company. It could be within the same organisation or maybe in another organisation completely – have to see if anybody wanna give me a chance to try out for the job. It’s always about giving and getting chances – i believed for any new people, you’ll still need to be trained, no matter how experienced you were previously.

I even thought of going outside and do insurance. Well, more like business insurance. Not sure if that’s a good job fit for me as i haven’t been selling anything since high school. Besides, my selling skills are considered lame. Well, i guessed i’m just not pushy enough to sell anything to anybody.

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While looking for ways to get more cash into my pocket, i still have to worry about my day job. Well, more like worrying on what to do on the daily basis. To be frank, while there’s more stuffs to do, i’m feeling that it’s starting to get monotonous. People escalating for a small issues. But most of them just accumulate the issues and bring them up when my boss make her business trips to that region.

To be frank, sometimes i felt these people have nothing better to do than to raise my temperature and make me tensed. In fact, i’ve got zits and i’ve got to read acneticin reviews to know what best to treat ‘em zits. Make me headache just by thinking about what’s going to happen everytime my boss make her business trips, especially to the region. My phone would be ringing non-stop, solving issues that has already been solved months before!

Some people just need to learn to tell stuffs to my face. Sheesh.

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I’m back writing again, after my temporary hideout in office. Was so buried with work that i don’t really want to do anything after work besides just chilling out at home in front of the TV. That means i have been, sort of, abandoning my blogs. But ideas kept on coming and see if i can keep up with me writing.

Work have been not so kind lately – more and more reports and more and more reviews to do. Assignments get sort of haywire but it’s all alright – at least it kept me busy and i don’t have to be surfing the Net looking for Jack Georges bags. To be frank, i’d rather be busy than not knowing what to do.

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EPF declares 5.65% dividend for 2009 – can i get more?

EPF just recently announced the 2009 dividend of 5.65% (source: The Star). Better than 4%+ in 2008, but not as good as my ASB earnings. How can i take EPF out to invest in ASB? Is there even a way to do so? I have been reading on the Internet – forums and stuffs – to find out if there’s anything i can do with EPF into ASB.

There has to be some way to do it – i just need to find it alongside shopping for my replacement Epson tm-t88iv. I can be approaching them Unit trust people and ask if they can get more out of my EPF. I just need to find someone i trust to be able to do so.

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I realised that i have sort of lost my skills with HTML/PHP. I was trying to re-do one of my domains into a photoblog and i realised i kinda stuck at the beginning, not really sure what to do continue doing. Probably getting some door hanger printing might be easier at that time for me but it sure seems harder to me.

I have to re-look, and really sit down and take a look at codes again since i’m going to be really combining photoblog and gallery both at the same time. I’m hoping it’s all worth it – i just went pro with my Flickr account. Shall do it before my Hong Kong trip.

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